Automating VCF – Configure the Depot Credentials

In this post we will look at how we can use the Get-VCFDepotCredential and Set-VCFDepotCredential cmdlets within PowerVCF to check the current configuration of the Repository Settings and if its blank configure it.

VMware Cloud Builder APIs Used

  • GET /v1/system/settings/depot
  • PUT /v1/system/settings/depot

PowerVCF Cmdlets

  • Get-VCFDepotCredential
  • Set-VCFDepotCredential

PowerShell Scripts


Step 1 – Download and populate the Planning and Preparation Workbook for your target platform.

Step 2 – Execute configureRepositoryCredentials.ps1 script using the following command:

.\configureRepositoryCredentials.ps1 -Workbook E:\pnpWorkbook.xlsx

When executing the configureRepositoryCredentials.ps1 script with the repository credentials already configured will throw a warning as follows:

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