VVS-Tip – Quickly Identify the Version of VMware Cloud Foundation Supported

VMware Validated Solutions have been developed so that they can support multiple versions of VMware Cloud Foundation, this means they only need to be updated when absolutely necessary which is typically driven by significant architecture changes.

There are two methods that you can use to identify if a particular solution is supported on the VMware Cloud Foundation release you have deployed.

Method One – Viewing Tags on core.vmware.com

VMware utilizes a single landing page within the Cloud Platform Tech Zone website known as core.vmware.com once you select VMware Validated Solutions, you are presented with tiles where each tile represents a single Validated Solution.

Inside each tile there is a Tags label, if you simply click Tags a dialog window will open and from here under Products you can quickly identify which releases of VMware Cloud Foundation are supported.

Method Two – View the Solution Guide Support Matrix

Contained within each Validated Solution guide there is a Support Matrix table, this is contained within the About page. In the example below taken from the Identity and Access Management for VMware Cloud Foundation Validated Solution you can see the table contains a link to the VMware Cloud Foundation Release Notes and clearly calls out the version of the products added by the solution.

To locate this Support Matrix use the following process:

  1. Connect to the VMware Validated Solutions landing page on core.vmware.com.

  2. Click View Resource Page for the Validated Solution your interested in.

  3. Click Read More under the Design Objectives tile.

  4. Click on the top page of the docs.vmware.com page.

  1. Using the right-hand menu under In this article select Support Matrix.

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