PowerVCF v2.1.1 – General Availability

I’m pleased to announce the general availability of PowerVCF v2.1.1 for download from the PowerShell Library.

As mentioned in previous posts PowerVCF is a open source project and the team has been working hard on the latest update in their spare time to add support for VMware Cloud Foundation 4.1.

Download It Here: PowerVCF PowerShell Library Download

What’s New in PowerVCF v2.1.1

The following table provides a detailed breakdown of all the cmdlet changes for this release.

Categorycmdlet NameDescriptionComment
Users and GroupsGet-VCFCredentialRetrieves a list of credentials.UPDATE: Added support for the vRealize credentials
BundlesStart-VCFBundleUploadStarts upload of bundle to SDDC ManagerUPDATE: Allows the import of a bundle based on offline download.
FederationNew-VCFFederationInviteInvite new member to VCF FederationUPDATE: Added support to specify if the new system is a MEMBER or CONTROLLER.
SDDCStart-CloudBuilderSDDCValidationStarts validation on VMware Cloud BuilderUPDATE: Added support for individual validation tasks.
Workspace ONE AccessGet-VCFWSAGet details of the existing Workspace ONE AccessNEW
vRealize AutomationGet-VCFvRAGet details of the the existing vRealize AutomationNEW
vRealize OperationsGet-VCFvROPsGet details of the existing vRealize Operations ManagerNEW
vRealize OperationsSet-VCFvROPsConnect or disconnect Workload Domains to vRealize Operations ManagerNEW
vRealize Log InsightGet-VCFvRLIGet details of the existing vRealize Log InsightNEW
vRealize Log InsightSet-VCFvRLIConnect or disconnect Workload Domains to vRealize Log InsightNEW
vRealize Suite LifecycleGet-VCFvRSLCMGet details of the existing vRealize Suite Lifecycle ManagerUPDATE: Fixed an issue with the API URI and addressed response output

If you would like to learn more about VMware Cloud Foundation or PowerVCF, check out these links:

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