Automating VCF – Create Network Pool

In this part of the series, we take a look at how to create a new network pool in SDDC Manager to support a workload domain deployment.

VMware Cloud Builder APIs Used

  • POST /v1/network-pools

PowerVCF Cmdlets

  • New-VCFNetworkPool

PowerShell Scripts


Step 1 – Download and populate the Planning and Preparation Workbook for your target platform.

Step 2 – To generate the JSON spec using inputs from the Planning and Preparation Workbook run the following command:

.\createNetworkPoolSpec.ps1 E:\MyLab\pnpWorkbook.xlsx E:\MyLab\sfo\sfo-workloadNetworkPool.json

The createNetworkPool.ps1 script will open the supplied Planning and Preparation Workbook, read the ‘Workload Domain’ tab into a variable and then proceed to generate the JSON spec required by the Public API.

Step 3 – Authenticate to the SDDC Manager appliance by running the following command:

Connect-VCFManager -fqdn -username administrator@vsphere.local -password VMw@re1!

Step 4 – Create the new network pool by running the following command:

New-VCFNetworkPool -json E:\MyLab\sfo\sfo-workloadNetworkPool.json

That completes the process of generating a network pool JSON spec used by the public API and creating the network pool in SDDC Manager .

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