PowerVCF – What’s New in PowerVCF v1.2.0

If you follow my posts you will know that in January I posted about the release of PowerVCF which is a PowerShell based CLI that exposes the public APIs of VMware Cloud Foundation to be easily consumed by VI Admins (see Introducing PowerVCF – Power to VI Admins).

As mentioned before PowerVCF is a open source project and the team has been working hard in their spare time to continue to evolve the cmdlets it offers. I’m pleased to announce that as a result of all this hard work we have made v1.2.0 available on the PowerShell Library for download.

Get It Here: PowerVCF PowerShell Library Download

What’s New in PowerVCF v1.2.0

The latest release introduces a number of new cmdlets:

Categorycmdlet NameDescription
Backup and RestoreSet-VCFBackupConfigurationConfigure backup settings for NSX and SDDC manager
CredentialsRetry-VCFCredentialTaskConnects to the specified SDDC Manager and retry a failed rotate/update passwords task
CredentialsGet-VCFCredentialTaskConnects to the specified SDDC Manager and retrieves a list of credential tasks in reverse chronological order
FederationSet-VCFFederationBootstrap a VMware Cloud Foundation to form a federation
System PrechecksStart-PreCheckVCFSystemPerforms system level health checks
System PrechecksGet-PreCheckVCFSystemTaskPerforms retrieval of a system precheck task that can be polled and monitored
AVNGet-VCFApplicationVirtualNetworkRetrieves all Application Virtual Networks
vRSLCMNew-VCFvRSLCMDeploy vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager
vRSLCMRemove-VCFvRSLCMRemove a failed vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager deployment

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